The Imperial searchlight utilises a Xenon 4000W lamp to produce a single narrow searchlight beam. The motorised reflector (patented) precisely sweeps the beam through sky with up to 50 degrees of pan and tilt. The high reflectivity optis and precision focus setting, via the adjustable lamp tray ensure a superbly bright, perfect light beam visible at distances more than 20km

Great for outdoor live concerts and turns any evening event into a show!


Control features are comprehensive:

Six stand alone pre-set sequences are inbuilt

Pan, tilt and speed on board or full control of all functions can be achieved via 4 channels of DMX512 digital standard.

Multiple units can be operated in synchrony.


Unit is completely weatherproofed against even extreme conditions,

Able to withstand temperatures as low as -30°C and as high as +50°C.

The steel body is zinc plated and finished in scratch resistant polyurethane paint.

Also available : Sky Rose


A popular classical outdoor projector. The Sky Rose is a wide angle multi-beam high power sky projector. It is available in two versions with HMI 2500 and HMI 4000. This is the 4000 watt type. Beam rotation, scanning speed and amplitude, strobe and black-out are controllable from on board controls or remotely by its external remote controller (included). For special effect the Sky Rose series are equipped with an extra mirror-dish in order to create coloured beams.