Fashion Case Study – Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs HFM Lighting Fashion Show

Case Study : Fashion /  Client : Marc by Marc Jacobs  /  Location : Claridges, London

Brief :

London Fashion Week for designer Marc Jacobs, prior to the launch of his new Mayfair store. Using all of Claridges Ballrooms and Drawing Rooms  hfm needed to install the lighting design sent by JKLD of New York. hfm went into a two horse tender situation,, winning the contract would be on the ability to supply the two most important elements of the production.

Firstly, to be able to supply the large quantity of exact specific Arri film light fixtures

Secondly, being a ground support system, the truss had to be of a high quality finish

hfm was able to fulfill both requirments and won the contract.

hfm also managed the power distribution including two 350kVA generators in the rear mews of Claridges for sound, hair and make up.

HFM Services :

Total Fabrications LD 30cm X 30cm Truss

160 Arri 650W Fresnels

44 Arri 1kW Fresnels

46 Arri 2kW Fresnels

Avolites ART Dimming

Avolites Control

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