DL3 Testimonials


Dennis Flenniken, Feld Entertainment:

“We opened the 139th Edition of the Greatest Show On Earth (Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus) to a packed house last night at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa and I must tell you people were blown away by the show, especially the visual effects that were achieved by both the lighting and the DL.3s. I sat up high at front of house and several patrons came up and expressed that this was the best show they had ever seen! We had several exciting moments of visual eye candy that could only have been achieved through visual media and it’s amazing the difference the moving real time video and depth made to the stage set and props. The Felds and I could not have been more pleased with this new and better product of the DL.3!”

LD Jim Lenahan, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Tour 2008:

“The DL3s are great. All our high resolution video IMAG is on them. We ended up only using six, because our side screens for 270 degree seating were not necessary in the end, but the six units we are using are great. The ability to remote focus is invaluable on the days in sheds when we can’t see the image until after the opening act has finished. With standard video projectors we would have to bring out a lift to allow the projectionist to align the projectors. In this rig that would not be possible as the DL3s are over the drums. No worries though, Stan Green just aligns them from front of house like any moving light.”

Uli Speckemeier, Arcus Lighting, Germany:

“The worldwide debut of the DL.3 in March at the ProLight & Sound show in Frankfurt was incredible. Visitors from all over the world visited our stand and everybody was very impressed with the new DL.3. We had 18 DL.3s at the stand; 12 DL.3s were used for a large screen of 59 x 13 ft. That was the ideal set-up to show all the new exciting features of the DL.3 like the perfect Collage, higher contrast, brighter light output, SDI input/output, remote lens shift and the new lens options. With the DL.3, High End Systems proves their innovative position in digital lighting.”

Patrick Boylan, PDC Productions, Oklahoma City:

“Since PDC Productions has a complete video and multimedia production department, we tested our DL.2s to the limit with high resolution, moving images in Collages of four and eight units. The DL.3’s bigger hard drives, faster processors and SDI inputs are big improvements that we will make use of. The brighter projector was a bonus!”

LD Dale Sahlin, Fusion Design Live, Las Vegas:

“I have been using DL.2s for two years now and with the extra 1000 lumens and SDI options on the DL.3, it just keeps getting better and better. Our clients are now having us spec complete shows with just DL.3s on them for projection and with the media server built onboard it gives us all the options needed to accomplish that without all the video switching systems.”

Janne Mummert, VER, Los Angeles:

“VER is thrilled to add the new DL.3 to our rental inventory. VER clients had great success with the DL.2s and we look forward to another successful endeavor with the DL.3s. The increased brightness and new features are an answer to industry demand.”

Fred Waldman, CW Productions, Los Angeles:

“The DL.3s are obviously brighter than DL.2, and I think the new higher contrast ratio is great. Color projections are brighter, more vivid. The clients want them and seem to be happy with them. Disney has used them a few times, and our units are now going out on tours with Kanye West and Tom Petty.”

Bob Moisan, Intelligent Lighting Creations, Illinois:

“We really bought into the DL.3 for the added brightness and interchangeable lenses. It’s more flexible now for more markets. We are using them now for a trade show, and have concert and corporate events down the line. DL.3 works great for any application.”

Jim Holt, Audio Visual Management Group, Dallas:

“DL.3 technology allowed our client a unique opportunity to experience a corporate look. The flexibility of DL.3 allowed us to change the look of each session with a touch of a button. The richness of color generated by these fixtures almost overshadowed the video projectors on the show. The Collage and masking features are amazing and we were able to project onto a wide screen and have many features that would have required a large video switching system like PIP windows. Due to the large size of our client’s general sessions, typically 3000 people and above, the DL.3s have allowed us to provide the Wow factor to the live event, without the Wow factor to the budget.”

Carlos Sandoval, Acey Decy:

“We are very pleased with the new features now available in the DL.3 fixture.
After we saw the unit perform, we were very excited and impressed about being
able to show lighting designers all the new benefits of using DL.3 on future projects.”

Ivan Rumyantsev, SiM, Russia:

“Personally, there are lots of reasons why you should own a DL.3 for circuses, theatre, corporate conferences, sports arenas, universal banquet halls, for lighting and video rental companies, and for clubs. Here’s why:

1. In the circus and in the theatre you’ll need useful functions like soft edge, color correction from cold colors to warm on the fly, intensity and color balance. It has quiet operation; changing color on scrollers is a much more noisy process than the fan of a DL.3. Universal hanging – you may integrate DL.3 in any existing theatre set, just hang them on the far left and far right sides of the lighting rig’s middle truss, and you’ll get both rear and front projection facility.

2. In a corporate event, you can offer to your customer a great savings – just order a blank white banner and that’s all. The rest of the job you may implement with DL.3 engines and its built-in cameras. You may find very useful the 3D layers, drop shadow effect, Collage Generator, mask edge effects.

4. In the sports arena, with DL.3 you have an economic version of Arena View. Now almost every local arena can use DL.3 with the lighting console as a universal weapon for the games’ pre-show and other productions such as holiday shows, local ceremonies, political elections.

5. Universal Banquet Halls – it’s great to customize your event facility with virtual scenery and decoration. You may apply some custom logo projections for the certain VIP and sponsors, corporate events.

6. Lighting rental companies – Great addition to your lighting pack! Just buy a DL.3 and you can offer unique features for the clients with the existing lighting consoles. No video cabling, no video distribution, total content control with CMA.

7. Video rental companies – Please sell off all your equipment and move for DL.3, otherwise lighting rental companies can grab your market very soon!

8. Nightclub – Laser imitation, infrared camera interactive effects, sponsor info with a great quality, 3D object on the haze atmosphere.

I offer at least one Axon for every set of DL.2s and DL.3s. Why? 1) for the additional projectors or media cubes; 2) for the preview in ‘Four in One Mode’; 3) for the pre-programming; 4) to educate operators; 5) as a spare CMA client machine.”